Left-to-Right: Jean-Luc, Malcolm , Angel(front), and Julian

I decided to create a webpage dedicated to my little sweethearts primarily because I'm going to start breeding them and it gives me a place to post pictures that is easily accessable from anywhere. Seconadary is because making webpages is fun. Below I'm placing links to helpful rat websites and some things that are just fun for every girl and boy. To the right you can click on a name to read about the rat you wish to know more about. As we have babies they will each show thier babies in thier bios.

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   Working towards Longer Life Spans for pet rats! Our first litter has an average of 24 months!  We are thrilled to already be that high and hope to be able to get more time with our beloved babies in the future!
   We've added 2 more types to our rattery to go with our lovely beiges! We now have Roans and Russian blues!
   Our Russians also carry siamese and were started by a buck that lived 35 months!
   Squidge of CAVE is nearing 3 years old and is one of the founding rats located in our beige line.
 Breeding since Oct. 2005  
 We are located in Auburn, WA.  

If there are any mistakes email me: denise(at)furrattery.com

Updated: June 2010

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